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Graduation project,
Design Products, Royal College of Art, London.
Object Mediated Interactions platform.
with the guidance of Durrell Bishop and Oscar Lhermitte

Rfid (Radio frequency identification) inventors kit that allows you to build and experiment with digital-physical systems. Stick around to see what you can do with it! You can stick the bits in your home or outside and connect them to your favourite apps and services. The bits can automate your daily routine but can also connect your digital content to physical object and specific locations. The kit includes Rfid sticker tags, a small Rfid Bluetooth connected reader/writer and an app. With #THE_BITS_AND_THE_BOBS you can leave hidden messages to yourself but also communicate with other like minded people. 

Rfid technology is present in banking systems, security, national identity systems, transportation, health and more. Despite the fact we are looking at ubiquitous systems and tokens that we carry in our pockets everyday, the technology itself, invisible to the human perception, remains mysterious and unknown. Its mythical aura is reinforced by technical misunderstanding and its tight rel ation to secrecy and surveillance. This project aims to demystify the fear, conspiracies and miss-understanding and to shed light on the real boundaries, abilities and possibilities of Rfid and NFC protocols. It is an optimistic suggestion to let users and makers play, shape and speculate over new models of interaction.