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The desire to overcome our transience is as old as mankind. The knowledge of our limited existence and the emerging drive to the creation of legacy is an important factor for the success and the progress of humanity. We write books, design monuments and new generations build on top of the knowledge- layer of their ancestors. Humans collaborate like the cells of the global organism called humanity.
What would happen if this organism one day will die. What will be left of our stories, our emotions and achievements if the Anthropocene finally ends and – shall we really care?

While monuments erode and books fall apart there is one form of conservation to outlive all other attempts to preserve our legacy and it doesn’t take any effort to achieve it. Everything we do and who we are is emitted as electromagnetic radiation by our bodies. The information travelles at the speed of light into eternity and will be around for the longest time.

This phenomenon is the pivot of the installation called “superposition”.
Since we don’t have senses to perceive infrared radiation visually “Superposition” helps us to comprehend this un-noted footprint. by doing so, it becomes obvious, that this information isn’t about our confession, our skin color or our political ideas. It is a pattern equal to all people with little individual differences revealing our innermost feelings – radiation varies when we feel love or hate, when we are afraid, hungry and anxious, or happy and content.

By layering and multiplying a growing amount of records, the installation lines out the spectrum of humanity.

The Installation consists of two objects, a probe to record human data and an audio-visual installation, where all the collected information is presented. In the probe, a thermie (thermal-selfie) camera will take a video of the human infrared radiation, the aura that emanates from our bodies, and record a short voice message. In the installation, all recorded infrared information is projected onto different layers of parallel transparent screens. As the projections multiply, they are creating a new body, not a human being, but every human being, and all the voice messages will be united into an endless murmur of basic human communication.
An amorphous cluster of communication and human energy, a cohesive experience of what and who we are.