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Consolation prize

Made for the Award Winning exhibition, Hanut gallery, Tel Aviv.

When we look around in our childhood rooms, among the many evidences of achievements, certificates, trophies and medals from judo to maths, or even ballet, we mostly see now, dust.

It is the dust itself, which in the public eyes perhaps symbolizes the nothingness and the void, that I found the exciting collection of our, not so glorious daily lives. The 'Bits and pieces' landmarks: sand from our last visit to the sea, soot particles that serve as a testimony to the busy road and the buses, flowers and leaves from the tree next to the terrace, hair, ours and the cats’, and many other crumbs and powders of various sizes that have been dropped, piled up, flown in, and left as memory of what we were, did and had.

Pate de verre, glass and dust particles, cast brass